Top 5 French Producers by Atish

After playing at Badaboum last may, Atish revealed us his five favorite French producers and how they inspired his music.

1. Masomenos

I love artists that do something different than everything else, and these guys perfectly live up to that idea. Their organic textures, weird grooves, and all-around unpredictability are a breath of fresh air on the dance floor. I can’t think of many other artists similar to them.

2. Rodriguez Jr

I’m actually a bit embarrassed to only just recently learn that Rodriguez Jr is actually French, this whole time I assumed he was from a Spanish-speaking country! Regardless, his music stands out as truly special since he can produce thick lush melodic music with catchy melodies while somehow avoiding the heavy cheesy factor. Very hard to do, but he pulls it off perfectly.

3. Dyed Soundorom

Dyed’s productions from the Freak n Chic days are timeless in my book. Restrained, soulful, deep, mysterious, sometimes haunting grooves. Remote Cocktail stands as of of my favorite tracks of all time.

4. Agoria

Agoria is the master of soundtracking the most emotional moments of my sets. I’ve seen Les Violons Ivres bring a dancefloor to tears.

5. Daft Punk

Perhaps the obvious choice here, but I can’t overstate how influential this duo has been in my development as a dance music enthusiast. I remember hearing “Da Funk” in high schooler going nuts over trying to figure out how those squelchy textures were produce – definitely has left a lasting impression on me to this day.

She started in the small town of Abkhazia where she was singing songs composed by her sister but now she has grown and she will play tracks at Badaboum at the end of June ! From ATOM TM to Depeche Mode via her latest crush, discover the ideal playlist of Julia Govor.


Best track to start a set 


Best track to finish a set


The track you would have liked to produce


The track you’d love to remix

I would never remix track I really love. But I love this track and I would love to collaborate with this artist


Best track by your favorite newcomer artist


The special track for Parisians


Best track to confort in feel down case


Best track to make love


The guilty track you can’t help but dancing on it


The unforgettable track you used to listen to with your parents during your road trip


The official track you would choose as a national anthem


Best track to play for a love declaration on the dancefloor


Best track to play for the climax of a set


Your fetish sample


The last track you digged


The album you’re listening to the most right now

Track ID : Soul Clap

Eli Goldstein and Charles Levine aka Bamboozle & Lonely C are Soul Clap for 20 years now. They were our guests last april and we asked to those two old friends to give us their favorites tracks. From Paul Simon to I:Cube through their last crush, here is a part of their ideal playlist.


The perfect track to open a DJ set with

Black Science Orchestra – Start The Dancer


The perfect track to open a DJ set with

Michael The Lion & Amy Douglas – Get It On


The track you wish you produced

Quincy Jones – The Secret Garden ft Al B Sure, Barry White, James Ingram, El Debarge


The track you’d love to remix

The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds


The best track by your favorite new artist

Harriet Brown – Shower Up, Saddle Up


The ideal track for Parisians

I:Cube – Disco Cubizm


The track to confort you in feel down case

Buju Banton – Hills & Valleys


The best track to make love

Prince… any Prince.


The guilty track you can’t help but dancing on it

El Chombo – Chacaron


The unforgettable track you used to listen to with your parents during your road trip

Paul Simon – Graceland


The official track you would choose as a national antherm

One Nation Under A Groove


The best track to play for a love declaration on the dancefloor

Silk – Freak Me


Your fetish sample

Morris Day & The Time – Fishnets


The last track you digged

Lieutenant Stitchie – Great Ambition


The album you’re listening to the most right now

Harriet Brown – Mall Of Fortune

World Tour : GHEIST


The hotel where you like to hang out after parties?

Definitely the Dorint Hotel in Mannheim.


Your favorite hotel room ?

Single room with a king size bed, a whirlpool on the terrace and the minibar for free. Never had one of those.


Which hotel bar has the best cocktails ?

Every hotel bar that knows how to make a proper Espresso Martini. You won’t believe how often we’ve got a single shot Martini with an Espresso on the side ?!


Favorite restaurant before hitting the town all night ?

Actually we like to switch it up quite often. The last one we went to is a small italian place called „Saporito“ in Berlin.


Best address for late night grub ?

II Maritozzaro in Rome is too good to be true.


Your favorite chef masterpiece ?

Pizza Luigi, a tiny and classic place in Ostiense, Rome.


The supermarket where you can be seen ?

Markthalle 9, Berlin.


The club where you’re playing most often ?

Watergate in Berlin. We love to play there, it’s definitely our home base.


The dancefloor with the best view 

Warung Beach Club.


The craziest festival ?

Fusion Festival in Germany.


The city you LOVE getting lost in ?

Paris and every city without a curfew.


Your favorite airport to mingle in during long layovers ?



The museum with your favorite artwork ?

The Miro’ museum in Barcelona is just amazing. But also the Helmut Newton exhibition of nude fotografie in Berlin is very interesting too. Definitely hard to pick just one style.


The movie theater you’ll watch the next blockbuster at ?

Kino International, Berlin.


The boutique you shop for your most jazzy duds ?

Mercato Monti or SuperOdra, both in Rome.


The book store where you like to go hang ?

Ocelot in Berlin is a very nice place to stumble upon your next favorite book. Just recently bought Paulo Coelho’s Hippie there.


The best hidden beach without mobile signal ?

Kelingking beach, Nusa Penida. You have to hike down a kind of scary path for 40 minutes but when you arrive down at the beach you don’t want to leave again.


The secret address that you don’t want to share but will for us ?

Shell Beach, western Australia.

World Tour : Trikk

Bruno Deodato aka Trikk electrified Badaboum’s dancefloor last January, the one who has already traveled around the world has given us his favorite addresses from New York to Tokyo via Tel Aviv, before boarding on another flight !


The hotel where you like to hang out after parties?

The Williamsburg Hotel, New York.


Your favorite hotel room?

The Line (The room facing Hollywood hills), Los Angeles.


Which hotel bar has the best cocktails?

What’s a cocktail? Park Hyatt Tokyo has some good teas.


Favorite restaurant before hitting the town all night?

Abie, Tel-Aviv.


Best address for late night grub?

Almost any place for Francesinha, Porto.

Your favorite chef masterpiece?

Exploding Olives, El Bulli.


The supermarket where you can be seen?

LPG market in Berlin or Erewhon in Los Angeles.


The club where you’re playing most often?

Lux Frágil, Lisbon.


The dancefloor with the best view?

Sunrise at The Gärten by Uberhaus, Beirut.


The craziest festival ?

Fusion Festival, Germany


The record shop with the most obscure tunes?

Matéria Prima, Porto.

The city you LOVE getting lost in?


Your favorite airport to mingle in during long layovers?

Singapore Changi Internacional.


The museum with your favorite artwork?

MoMA, New York.


The movie theater you’ll watch the next blockbuster at?

Kino Central, Berlin.


The boutique you shop for your most jazzy duds?

Issey Miyake.


The book store where you like to go hang ?

Tsutaya in Shibuya, Tokyo.


The best hidden beach without mobile signal?

Praia de Benagil, Lagoa.


The secret adress that you don’t want to share but will for us ?

Cascata de Pincães, Peneda-Gerês

Perel Talks

An emergent figure in Berlin scene, a DFA records rookie signing her first album Hermetica, the remarkable Perel appears on the line-up of the Innervisions parties and the biggest international clubs. On the eve of his first time behind the decks of Badaboum, we talked about feminism and sexism with an artist full of energy.

What means feminism to you ?

Equality of all gender. Respect and understanding for each other  – Actually quite universal values.

What is your vision of femininity ? Do you consider femininity an asset?

I see feminism as common subject, not just something women need to talk about.

I hope a male dj gets the same questions here 🙂

And yes, if it’s an asset for our social and economic development. Absolute essential.

Did you have models of women artists when you started?

I have to admit, my role models had been men primarily. Sure, women like Annie Lennox had been influential at lot, no question. But when it comes to djing, my role models had been men, also because at that time (around 2005) there weren’t much female djs. But who cares – I thought „this is what I wanna do“. So I did it!

What are the feminine personalities that inspire you today in night life / music ?

All female artists!

But I’m also someone who never sees a gender first – I see an artist that inspires.

You seem to have a special relationship with Jennifer Cardini, could you tell us more about it ?

There aren’t may people in this business who have a heart like her! Plus, we like the same kind of stuff and we laugh about the same stupid jokes. She’s so funny! Also, Jennifer is definitely one of those friends you can call in the middle of night if something really bad happened. All that makes me love her a lot!

Do you feel that women’s place in club/night life is evolving? What still needs to change?

I think we’re on a very good way! let’s keep on going. I’m very happy to see how things change for the good of female artists. Always focus on the positive, even though we all know we haven’t reached the right balance yet…

In which country do you feel that things get moving the most in terms of parity in clubs and festivals?

Uff, that’s a very tough and socially complex question. I see very well balanced parties around the globe but also still very disappointing line-ups EVERYWHERE at the same time. So I think in the end, it lies within the promoters’ ability to take care of an all gender balanced line up or not.

Have you ever been targeted by sexist attacks in your career?

Sure, and I talked about it a lot. People who had been a target by sexist attacks should always talk about it.

What kind of situations made you feel uncomfortable in a club?

When people simply don’t dance or don’t care what I’m doing up there. I think every dj experienced those kind of situations.

How do you feel behind the turntables ? What makes you strong? What do you appreciate the most?

I always feel different but in general I’m quite focused, or let’s say I’m in a tunnel unless I grab my microphone and start to sing. I enter another level or dimension then, because my sets turn into a real performance.

So I think the music and the crowd itself make me strong – I love those nights where you really go on a journey together. And the fact that I include my voice makes everything more personal, unique and easier to connect with people. I remember nights, where everyone seemed very tired – me plus the crowd. I thought ‚ok that’s gonna be slow one‘ but then after one hour everything started to be a little bit shakier. So I took the mic and sang. Suddenly my people woke up completely and even started to scream.

What advice would you give to young girls to work in this world?

The same advice I would give to male up and coming artists: Always follow your heart, listen to your inner voice, work hard and stay patient. And don’t care what other people say or do – If this is really what you want to do and it feels right for you, everything will come automatically. A positive vibe is the most important!

What do you think is the most important victory for women in recent years?

Everything! I mean, look where we are now compared to 50 years ago! And every single day is a victory for us, no matter how much injustice we still have to face.

Also, women are so diverse. – Each of us has her own personal goals to reach, stories to tell and something she can be proud of.

Jeudig : Madben


We went to Techno Import vinylshop with Madben before his show at Badaboum. The french DJ / producer picked three records and told us why.


Oktober Lieber ex machina


Oktober Lieber mixes electronic vintage to hypnotic sequences and repetitive beats. We asked Charlotte and Marion to talk to us about their live set-up, here’s what they told us.

« Bass Fuzz from Mooer named FOG, just like John Carpenter’s movie : destiny. »

« Light, compact, analog et polyphonic, avec un delay intégré, with integrated delay, etc etc etc etc… It does a lot of things for us, mostly basslines. »

« Mini analog bass synth with its own sequencer, with a lot of synthesis settings (filter, LF0, 3 oscillators). Perfect for pads or weird noises… »

« Mini module Kastle from Bastl Instruments, for modular-like sounds and sequences of dirty noises. »

Alex.Do Talks

We read in a french interview that Alex’s bedside book was Stanislaw Lem’s « Solaris ». So we jumped at the chance to do a sci-fi interview with him.



Your music can be very deep, ambiant like, sometimes cinematographic… Are you interested in producing movie soundtracks one day ?

Actually I already did this. Not a complete OST by myself but I was part of it. Together with Frank Wiedemann and other great artists we wrote and produced the score for the movie called ‚Symphony Of Now‘. That was a really interesting work and I would love to get deeper into that field and do jobs like these more often at some point.


Sci-fi is mostly about evolving technology. What place does technology take in your music ? Are you crazy about anagogic synths / drum machines ?

I would say that it has a definite center role. Without technology I couldn‘t produce the sounds I would like to. Either it‘s only with a computer or – like in my case – with a lot of outboard equipment.


What’s your feeling about new technologies including artificial intelligence, geolocalisation or facial recognition ?

I got mixed feelings when it comes to all these things like personal data hording, your digital foot print and also facial recognition. It says these things exist for making life more easy and the world a safer place. Maybe that’s the case but I think it‘s also really frightening to know that someone has the insight into a large part of your life.


What’s the sci-fi book / movie you want to share with us today ?

I was more into other kinds of literature in last times but the one I‘ve read last was the classic ‚Solaris‘ from Stanislav Lem. That story was huge as well as the writing. It‘s quite philosophic but especially in the last third the reader is confronted with a lot of questioning about life. That part was immense.


Did you ever release a science-fiction inspired track ? Would you like to ?

My whole last record I‘ve had released on Dystopian was actually dedicated to an SciFi movie called ‚World On A Wire‘.


Dystopian describes you as an artist whose moods characterise your music. According to some writers, moods are manipulated by technology or medication (the « soma » substance in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World or the « empathy boxes » in Philip K. Dick’s Blade Runner, for example). Could you imagine taking pills or doing meditation to be in a certain mood when you create music ?

When making music my aim is more like to transcript my actual mood and feelings into the production. I think I never felt the need of taking a drug or doing something to read these moods better.

Live Session : LAAKE


When he played at Badaboum, LAAKE performed three live tracks in front of our camera with his cello-player Juliette Serrad.